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i really fucking hate nickelback.

i hate nickelback. more than anyone else. and i know at least two people that call nickelback their favorite band. and then there's the RINGTONES. god. now, because all alt-rock goat-voice male singers sound the same, all the songs that i hate and think are nickelback might not actually be. but it doesn't matter. to even put one brain cell towards distinguishing these horrid, soul-destroying songs apart would be a colossal, unforgivable waste. it's all nickelback to me, and i hate them. loathe them. despise them.

it's not just that i don't like them, or that they suck, it's that what they create is a true affront to nature and the universe - it is an abomination in the most true, literal sense.

but what, what makes it so very worst of all is that they are incredibly popular. that i know people who love them. it makes me sad that i live in a world in which people could choose nickelback of all bands in existence to be their very favorite. to live among these people causes me great distress, that they are why nickelback exist, and why every 'alternative' radio station plays them incessantly. because these people are the majority. awful, awful people in great, unstoppable numbers.

yes, nickelback's popularity is exactly why i simply cannot put any faith in humanity at all.

you think i exaggerate, but i am entirely serious.